How much is Dana White Net worth: Early Life, Career

Name Dana Frederick White Jr.
Age (2022) 52 years
Dana White Height 5’11”
Dana White’s Net Worth (2022) $500 million
Source of wealth Combat Sports
Salary $20 million
Residence Las Vegas, Nevada
Citizenship United States
Marital Status Married
Children 3
Last Updated 2022

Dana White, currently famous for being a president of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), is a famous sportsperson and a business promoter too. With his great sportsmanship and hard work, he has a net worth of around  $500 million.

He has been a great influence for this UFC and has brought it to a greater level from a young plant to a beautiful tree. Not only this but his hard work has paid off and he’s increasing his net worth year by year. will be telling you about his;

Early life of Dana White and what led him to become the president of UFC?

Firstly, White was born in the year 1969, 28 July in Connecticut. Like other great influential people, he also had a poor past and he used to move from Boston to Las Vegas and from there to Maine. His father died when he was very young. Therefore, he was brought up by his mother and other family members. Since childhood, he had a special interest in sports. Finally he graduated in Maine from Herman High School in the year 1987.

He was also a great of the baseball team, Boston Red Sox and during this time, he worked as an aerobic instructor.

His career finally started;

In the year 1992, he found Dana White enterprise in Las Vegas. At the same time, he was the manager of the popular fighters; Tito Oritiz and Chuck Lidell.

White soon found out that Semaphore Entertainment group was deciding to sell UFC. It was a great chance for White to make his name. He told about this to his friend Lorenzo Fertitta who was an owner of casino company.

Lorenzo seeing the profit he could make from UFC decided to buy it with the help of his brother, Frank. Soon these brothers appointed White as the president of UFC.

In the year 2016, this UFC was sold to a group but White Fortunately managed to remain the president of this company.

UFC has now a string grip on the MMA world. To be more precise, it has managed fights in more than 170 countries and more than 90 training facilities.

These fights are viewed by over billions of families and has been very popular!

What lessons can we learn from his life?

White taught us that it really does not matters if you did not get the chance to study. White, himself had just passed the school and here he is! Leaving behind most of the educated people. So 50% education and ethics where as 50% is your hard work and talent.

Secondly, he taught us to follow our passion. Don’t follow others, they are many people doing jobs they don’t like and they’re just running away from it. He could also do job but he did what he wanted, what he was satisfied with. Hence, he got successful.


Dana white, a great businessman who have potential to promote all kinds of business, is now one of the richest persons of the world having a net worth of around  $500 million.

His love for sports has led the UFC from a small industry to a multi billion industry.