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How Much is Jeffree Star Net Worth, Music Career, and More.

Net Worth: $200 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 15, 1986 (35 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Singer, Singer-songwriter, Model, Makeup Artist, Fashion designer, Actor, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

One of the highest paid YouTube stars in the world, Jeffree Steininger, aka Jefree star is a self-made American makeup guru, model, fashion designer and a musician.

Jeffree Star has proven himself as one of the top makeup artists in the world. He is the CEO of the cosmetics empire called Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star has created many collaborations alongside other famous makeup artists and singers.

He is usually trending on the internet due to his controversial statements.

Jeffree is popular for his colourful appearance, especially his striking hot pink hair colour and tattoos.

Early Life

Bornn and raised in Orange County, California, on the 15th of November in 1985, Jeffree’s father, Jeffrey Steininger Senior, committed suicide when Jeffree was only 6 years old.

Consequently, Jeffree Star was raised by his mother, Marra Steininger.

Right from his youth, Jeffree was very passionate about makeup. He would experiment with different makeup looks with his mother’s makeup kits.

When he was in high school, Jeffree Star adopted the habit of wearing makeup daily.

As soon as Star graduated from High School, he moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in modelling, music and makeup.

Jeffree’s rise to stardom started when he gained popularity in MySpace where he would share different makeup tips and songs.

Jeffree Star’s Makeup Empire-The Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree took a huge risk by spending his entire life savings from his music and makeup career to launch his makeup line in 2014-The Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star was included among the early Youtube celebrities who used Youtube to promote their namesake makeup brand.

Fortunately due to Stars Friendship with other celebrities and beauty influencers like Kat Von D, his fan following quickly grew.

Star has, later on, claimed that he was almost bankrupt when he released his makeup line. He told his fans that the reason for launching his makeup brand was solely because his music career wasn’t going anywhere.

Jeffree’s youtube following grew enormously ever since. Today he has 18.2 million subscribers and some of his videos have more than a billion likes.

From his makeup line, Jeffree first released the velour liquid lipsticks. All 30,000 of his liquid lipsticks were completely sold out within minutes of release.

He went on to launch his lip scrubs, highlighters and eye shadow kits under The Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand.

Star’s first mall-based store opened in the US in 2018. However, the majority of his earnings come from his own Los Angeles based makeup warehouses.

Jeffree Star’s Social Media Feuds

Jeffree Star has stirred up quite a few controversies throughout his successful career as a makeup artist, model and an influencer.

Jefree Star has continuously found himself at odds with the Kardashian sisters, particularly Kim and Kylie.

Jeffree has blamed Kyle of copying the Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s concealer design. Furthermore, he has criticized Kylie Cosmetics at every opportunity he got.

Jeffree has been accused of making inappropriate racial remarks when a 15-year-old video resurfaced. Not cool, Jeffree. However, in his defence, Jeffree apologized for his inappropriate behaviour on his Youtube channel.

Another famous social media banter of Jeffree Star took place with Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced. Jeffree accused him of not paying enough to the famous vlogger and makeup artist, NikkieTutorials, for a collaboration.

Jeffree had blocked a fan on Twitter when she claimed to have found a strand of hair in one of her highlighters. Too bad for Jeffree. Because another fan also complained of finding a hair strand in his highlighter.

Lastly, the biggest of Jeffree’s feud was with his former friend Kat Von D. Kat Von D publicly ended her friendship with Star on grounds that he was a racist and a drug user. Subsequently, Jeffree accused her of never supporting his makeup brand.

Jeffree Star’s Net Worth in 2022

As of 2022, the estimated net worth Of Jeffree Star is around $200 million.

The majority of his net worth can be contributed to his ultra-successful makeup career that included his giant makeup line-The Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star has also earned handsomely from his music and modelling career.

He has made successful collaborations with fellow artists and several business ventures.

Today, Star is taking a break from his music career and is focused solely on his makeup and fashion career.

Jeffree Star’s Music Career

In September of 2009, Jeffree released his debut album ‘’Beauty Killer’’ on Popsicle records.

The album was successful and became the #122 on Billboard 200 and #2 on the Top Heatseekers Chart.

Jeffree also went on to release four extended plays and five music videos.

In 2008, Star released the extended play ‘’Cupcakes taste like violence’’ which made it to the top 10 on many charts.

Jeffree Star worked with other popular artists like Kesha and Nicki Minaj.

In 2010, Jeffree signed a deal with Akon for a second album but it was never released. Jeffree claimed that the reason behind his personality clashed with Akon.

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