How much is Joel Osteen Net Worth, Early Life, Career and More

A popular preacher, televangelist and an author from America, Joel Osteen gives sermons that reach around 7 million viewers weekly.

Joel Osteen is also the author of the 7 New York best-selling books.

He has his channel called Sirius XM where you can hear him speak every night.

Joel is also the pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston.

Nowadays, he is residing in Texas with his wife.

Early Life

Born on the 5th of March in 1963, Joel Osteen has a mass following with his impactful sermons and best-selling books.

He is currently the pastor of the Lakewood Church in Houston that was founded by Joel’s parents in 1959.

Joel followed the footsteps of his father, John Osteen, who was also a pastor and had a large local following.

Osteen attended Oral Roberts University but eventually dropped out in a year to help his father handle Lakewood’s national TV ministry.

He acted as a producer and largely stayed behind the camera.

When Joel’s father passed away in 1999, he became the head pastor of the Lakewood Church.

It was under Joel’s watchful gaze that the Lakewood Eventually became the largest congregation in the U.S.


As the Lakewood Church became the biggest congregation in the whole of the U.S, Joel quickly increased the Church’s media presence by putting ads on several billboards.

Additionally, Joel also doubled the Church’s budget for TV airtime and made deals with major TV networks for airtime.

In a couple of years, the weekly TV show was broadcasted in several households in over 100 countries.

In 2004, Joel launched his best-selling book ‘’Your Best Life Now; 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential’’.

The next year, Joel held a 15-city US tour and spoke to large crowds. The same year Lakewood also opened a 16000 seat church in Houston’s Compaq Center.

By 2016, more than 50000 people attended the weekly congregations when only 6000 people attended in 1999.

B 2018, Joel’s weekly TV show had almost 10 million viewers.

Throughout his career, Joel released several best-selling books.

Personal Life

Joel Osteen married his co-pastor, Victoria Osteen, in 1987.

The couple has two beautiful children together named Jonathan and Alexandra.

Joel has been openly critical of the LGBT community and claimed that it is a sin per the religious scriptures.

Though Joel spends most of his time reaching about religion, truth is he has never actually studied religion

Joel became the victim of the hoaxes epidemic in 2013-’The Joel Osteen Hoax’.

Joel Osteen Net Worth As Of 2021

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of Joel Osteen is over $100 million.

The majority of Joe Osteen’s net worth can be attributed to his best selling books. Till now, Joel has released 14 books.

Did you know that Joel’s book ”Your Best Life Now” sold over 100 million copies?. This put it on ”The New York Times” Bestseller List for 100 weeks straight.

Moreover, Joel Osteen has also made a great deal of money from speaking on Television.

Joel Osteen Controversies

Joel Osteen has been heavily criticized throughout his career as a pastor, author and a television personality.

In 2017, Joel was criticized for not providing refuge to the Hurricane Harvey victims. His church is one of the largest in the US and can hold around 50,000 members at one time.

The Church claimed that the building was not accessible due to flooding. However, people provided picture proof that that was not correct and the church was, indeed, accessible.

This brought a great deal of negative publicity to the Lakewood megachurch and Joel Osteen.

Joel Osteen Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

The Lakewood Church doesn’t hold across. Interesting, right? Well, it’s because the church claims to be open for everyone, including Protestant members.

Did you know that Joel’s now-wife, Victoria Osteen, was the only girl who ever came in his life?

Joel Osteen is entitled to a salary of $200,000 as of the head pastor of Lakewood church but he refuses to take it.

Lakewood Church was the place where Joel had his first date with now wife, Victoria Osteen.

Joel Osteen was very public shy while growing up.

Joel Osteen and the Lakewood church has been heavily criticized for not allowing the Hurricane Harvey victims to take refuge within the church premises.

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